Sunday, January 07, 2007

This blog was started to extend the life of the Studio B Sculpture Invitational -- held in conjunction with the International Sculpture Center's Crossroads Cincinnati: 2006 conference in Cincinnati, OH, June 21st - 24th 2006.
With a great deal of assistance from our participating artists, and the generous monetary and material support of various local individuals and companies, we hosted 54 artists with 63 sculptural works ranging from intimate to monumental.
Thank you to everyone, especially the International Sculpture Center for making this event a success.
Thank you to my fellow organizing committee members: Joell Angel-Chumbley, Chris Daniel, Jarrett Hawkins, and Martin Meersman.

Celene Hawkins

Jarrett Hawkins, The Limits of Spoken Language: Conversation

View 2

Install View
Martin Meersman, Tending to Matters of Great Importance (foreground left)
Farron Allen, Jesus Tops (middle)
Jason Brown, Fifth Column (After Brancusi), (foreground right)
Farron Allen, Jesus Tops, view 2

Martin Meersman, Tending to Matters of Greater Importance

Rebecca Seeman, Stentors

Jennifer Zimmerman, Sleeves

Steve Geddes, Carnegie Dreams
detail, base of Carnegie Dreams

Studio B Sculpture Invitational, Installation Images, Set 3

Mark Patsfall, Split Light

Dane Sauer, Untitled #3

Leticia Bajuyo, Success


Alice Young, Inside Out

Stephen Yusko, Collector

Richard D. Fruth, At the End of His Rope (left)
The Things That Go Bump in the Night

Rhonda Gushee, Thinking Cap

Alison Helm, A Cut Beyond

Kelly Malec-Kosak, Low Supply
Division of Labor
The Eyes Have It

detail, The Eyes Have It

Studio B Sculpture Invitational, Installation images, Set 2

Paige Wideman, Untitled (foreground)
Gloria Wachtel, Incubator (background

Nhat Tran, Inclination to Believe

Carole Loeffler, Pile of Binks

Diane Fishbein, detail, Adamgone, Adamgone

Voss Finn, Story Board

Steven Finke, The Cessation of Breath
Text by Padmasambhava from The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Translated by Robert Thurman

detail of wax in plate

David Brand, Architectural Vessel Series

Nathan Hamilton/ Jay Wilson, Information Systems

Linda Einfalt, Meditative Malaise


Jack Campbell/ Huang Xiang, Desire Freedom

Chris Daniel, Cluster

Jason Brown

Sarah Willis, Iron Sky
Diane Fishbein, Adamgone, Adamgone (on column)

Sarah Willis, view from interior, Iron Sky

Celene Hawkins, Aggregate V: From Here to There


Russ RuBert, Positronic Neon (Series of 3)

Ana England, Peril

Alex Kim, Boy and Shark

Jim Woodfill

Nikki Blair,
She Said He Said

Charles Herndon (background)
Mapping Fire

Joell Angel-Chumbley, Inner Novel

Richard Harned, Motto

Sandra Gross, Vestige no. 1

Travis Townsend, Maproom, New Big Collector
Cranford Campbell, Maybe Blue, Unless Pink

Lisa Paytes, Fish Stacks

Amie McNeel,
Downward Ripple Steel Pools 2

Karen Heyl

Robert McConaughy, Cadence and Cascade